The Mikhail Karlssen Report. Season 4, Round 5: Anvils Vs. Nu Gork Dakka Jets

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Ekrund Anvils Vs. Nu Gork Dakka Jets 2-0

Season 4, Round 5

The Anvils must have been relishing the chance to have a crack at some Orks,  ever since they failed to bring home the cup to Ekrund back in Season 1.
In lieu of meeting the Ratae Sabretooths on the field, it looked like the Anvils were keen to take out their grudges on the Dakka Jets. Any greenskin in a storm they say.

Goblin Doom Diver
Artist’s Impression of a Dakka Jet. No, we don’t know what one of those is supposed to be either.


With the absence of injured Anvil’s star Olaf Snorrissen, one might have the concern that the Dwarf team’s offensive capability would have taken a hit, but it seems to this reporter as though it gave Josef Karak the chance he needed to really show off his skills and determination.In an already bash heavy game, the Dakka Jets spared no expense employing a couple of Goblin freelancers of explosive capability. Undeterred by bomb and chainsaw wielding loonies, the Anvils pressed on.

Goblin Bomber hired by Nu Gork Dakka Jets
Nu Gork Dakka Jets special hire, Bomber Dribblesnot

The Ork line was tough, and the Dwarves had to use all their might to push the cage through. The offence was stopped short just shy of the half way mark by a well placed bomb that scattered the Dwarven formation. Now what follows is the mark of professionals. Despite the disruption, the Anvil player picked themselves up, reformed and got their footing again.

Good, old fashioned grit

Nothing dramatic here, no elvish plays. Just straight up, good old fashioned grit. In similar fashion throughout the game, Josef Karak brought home the touchdown. Not once, but twice. A well earned MVP, and in turn proved this reporter right in his belief that Karak is becoming one of the Blood Bowl greats. You heard it here first, folks!

Picture of Josef Karak, Ekrund Anvils Star Runner
Anvil’s star, Josef Karak. One of the greats?

Spirit of violence and mayhem

No other particular upsets, and a relatively clean game once the Anvils had dispatched the armed and dangerous Goblins. One might even suspect a begrudging respect from the Dwarves to the Orks. It’s good to see how Blood Bowl can really bring cultures together like this, in the spirit of violence and mayhem.