The Mikhail Karlssen Report. Season IV, Round 6: Anvils Vs. The Void

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Ekrund Anvils vs. The Void 3-0

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If you can see this, take d20 Sanity Loss.

Season IV, Round 6

For the Anvils, playing against Chaos has always been their bête noire (that’s Brettonian for black dog). Before they joined LBBL, they had a perfect 100% record loss against any Chaos team they played for 20 years.  In fact, the Ekrund Anvils haven’t fielded a single star player since their inaugural match, when Grim IronJaw was killed outright by Lord Borak The Despoiler. Call it superstition or a mark of respect but the tradition set by the Anvil’s first Head Coach Xavier The Black continues to this day.

However, tonight bloodfans the bubble has well and truly burst. In a crucial match that would potentially see either team in the playoffs, the Dwarves put their stamp on the place with authority. Right in the face of their opponents.

High Quality Waterboy

Playing against Chaos is always going to be a brutal affair, and the Ekrund Anvils were punished hard.  The Void dished out several serious injuries that have crippled the careers of three Anvil Longbeards. Two may pull through to play back on the frontline, but Barin Ironbeard suffered brain damage from his injuries. He has now found a new position on the sidelines as the team’s Waterboy.  In respect, the Cabalvision MVP was awarded to the well seasoned Longbeard. Another promising Blood Bowl career dashed.

Gaping Hole

The scent of blood was in the air. With it, The Void seemed to forget all pretense of defending against the Dwarves initial drive. The Void pinned down Trollslayers Erikk The Red, and Gruff Grimmassen to the Anvil’s right flank. Both Slayers faced the danger of being crowd surfed, as more Chaos players charged into the melee. Foolishly, they left a gaping hole wide enough for the cage to get through unopposed, letting the Anvils through for an early touchdown.

Nuffle Giveth, and Nuffle Taketh Away…

Fickle Flick of Fate Faceplant

In their opening drive, The Void immediately stormed the Dwarf’s left flank.  Grinding deep into the Anvil half, they scattered the Dwarven defence, clearing the way for a Beastman to make it to the open endzone. Nuffle clearly had other ideas.  As fickle as any of the foul Chaos gods, a flick of fate faceplanted the ballcarrier into the dirt. The Dwarves swiftly changed gear from a positional defence. After fighting their way down the field in cage formation, The Anvils then brought home another touchdown just before half time.

I’m not sure what Void Coach Claudio Fannifairy said in the half time team talk, but I doubt it was anything about tactics.  If balls were even mentioned, it was probably in reference to a bollocking!

In the second half, The Void continued their rampage. If a sliver of opportunity arose, Nuffle was quick to slam the door shut in the face of the Chaos team. The Anvils took advantage of this, again with the ball playing right into their hands. They played a tight offence, to bring home the third and final touchdown of the game.

And with that, The Ekrund Anvils are in the playoffs!