Match Report: Season V Pre-training – Ostland Stampede Vs. Geheimnisnacht Gnashers

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Rufus Eisenhans
Gnashers Head Coach, Rufus Eisenhans

The Wise Woman was ecstatic! The OSTLAND STAMPEDE! She was going to get to see the Ostland Stampede in the flesh! She had been following them more than any other team in the tourney – and they were doing so well! She’d even had a painting of their Star Player Dirk Knecht on the wall, and now she was going to get to Play with him!
Well against him.

Ostland Stampede Logo
Ostland Stampede Logo

Complete Mismatch

The Commissioners had managed to sort out a friendly game between her Geheimnisnacht Gnashers and the Ostland Stampede. It was a complete mismatch – the Stampede were literally at the top of their game, while her Gnashers were at best untested and would fall apart under pressure. Though to be fair she was pretty sure that the Stampede would provide more than a bit of Pressure.
She was very nervous, it wasn’t every day that she got to meet her heroes!

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The Game was spectacular! 5-0! Five nil! The Stampede crushed the Gnashers. The First Touchdown had happened in minutes – they were SO fast! Graceful too. It made her Ghouls look like they were bumbling dwarves – in fact her Ghouls weren’t able to pick up a ball at all – and the only times that the Gnashers got close to scoring it was the Werewolves that did it, but the Half Time whistle put an end to one (she suspected a biased Ref, but, let’s be honest, she was biased that way too!) and then something tripped Bela Lugosi – she was just lucky he wasn’t dead.

Ostland Stampede Coach Austin Barrett


But the Stampede! Just amazing. Scoring in less than 5 minutes, twice in the first half and 3 times in the second! The last one, a throw from the 10-yard line in the Stampedes half, sailed over half the pitch, into the hands of Dirk, who just jogged it in! A Touchdown from the other end of the pitch! Amazing!
When the Full-Time whistle blew, she was breathless! Admittedly next time, she might have to concentrate a bit more, the Flesh Golems were terrible, and she was sure that was due to her lack of focus. The Ghouls desperately needed more training.
But it was Brilliant!