The Mikael Karlssen Report Season IV Quarter Finals Anvils Vs. Wight Lives Matter

Anvils Vs. Wight Lives Matter 1-0

Season IV, Quarter Finals

Wight Lives Matter Head Coach
Wight Lives Matter Head Coach

Ekrund Anvils once again scrape a win that puts them through to the semi finals by a beard hair. Both teams equally matched, thanks to heavy inducements. Anvils won the toss and quickly formed up to cage Frank Gorr and escort him up the Dwarf team’s right flank, with star runner Joself Karak shadowing in support. Wight Lives Matter deployed their wizard in an attempt to scupper the Anvils ambition for an early touchdown, which took out the entire cage in a fiery conflagration. The Dwarves quickly recovered however, allowing Karak to regain possession and bring in the touchdown.

Maximum Coverage

The remainder of the game was an uphill struggle for the Anvils. Electing to use a deep, positional defence for maximum coverage, the Dwarf team were stretched thin. Inevitably, Wight Lives Matter managed to find the weak link in the thin red and black line and made a break for the endzone. In a desperate last ditch attempt, the Anvils defence just managed to bring down the sprinting ghoul before he could make good on his drive.

Anvils Slayer #4 Gruff Grimassen
Gruff Grimassen
Anvils #3 Slayer Erikk The Red
Erikk The Red

True to their name, both Slayers chalked up one casualty a piece during the match, but Frank Gorr was also injured in retaliation.

Ekrund Anvils Coach
Ekrunds Anvils Coach

Post match, I had a chance to talk to Anvils head coach about his thoughts. Philosophical as ever, he commended the undead side as having the better coach.  However, he said the Anvils were the better team on the day.