Season IV Wrap Up

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Season IV Wrap Up

1st Place: Sexy Blood Bowl
2nd Place: North Salem Cougars
3rd Place: Armoured Armadildos
4th Place: Ekrund Anvils
Bloody Nines Winner: Konquata Kryptops

Sexy Blood Bowl’s Head Coach, Max Barton

My my, what a finale to the season! After the consistent success prior to the playoffs, the good money was on the amazons getting their X scrawled on the trophy. But after what was possibly the biggest upset in the history of the league, the Armadildos trailed in third place leaving the two dark elf teams to duke it out for the cup.

North Salem Cougars logo


Rarely are two teams so equally matched in the final throes of a season, but here they were. Two teams, both alike in infamy. Over the course of the match however, it was clear that fortune was favouring one team with a particular bias. Nuffle was clearly satisfied with whatever dark sacrifices sexy blood bowl offered up to the fickle god.

North Salem Cougars Head Coach, Danny The Impaired
North Salem Cougars Head Coach, Danny The Impaired.

Injuries inflicted in the lead up to the final seemed to prevent the cougars from competing at their best, but it was their opponent’s uncanny ability to blitz early on the drive that hit the Salem team hardest.
Anyone who watched the match might begin to suspect that the referee had been slipped a little backhander to blow the whistle just that little bit early.

Machinations aside, the game that followed was regulation blood bowl. After all was said and done, there was just one name destined to be on the cup, and it was the Sexiest bloodbowl team that were the Season IV champions. Elusive for comment, we can only assume that the dark elf head coach was too busy carousing to comment on his performance. We shall just have to congratulate him in his absence for his successful acquisition of the coveted league cup.

Anyway, as one season comes to a close yet another appears hot on the heels of the previous competition. New faces, new teams, all ready and rearing for that sound all the fans of this sport love to hear…